Agate Bracelets

Agate Bracelets

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(Gemstone One: Black Agate)

A range of 6mm round gemstone bracelets finished with sterling silver clasp.  Available in a variety of gemstones.  Standard length of  7.5 inches.  If you require a smaller or larger size then please email to enquire.


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Product no.: BWA90001

A beautiful and stunning white age bracelet made with natural white agate and sterling silver. 

UK hallmarked - sterling silver 


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Product no.: BOB90001

This obsidian bracelet is made with round matt black obsidian beads and sterling silver fittings. 

From £20.00

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(Gemstone One: Black Agate, Bracelet Length: 7.5 inches 19cm)

Sterling Silver Ellis Black Agate Bracelet

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A jade bracelet featuring 8 pieces of canadian jade interdispersed by 8mm round gemstones.

  • This jade bracelet is available mixed with other gemstones

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Product no.: BC90006

A red and black bracelet created with red coral and black agate and finished with sterling silver fittings.


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