Garnet Bracelets

Garnet Bracelets

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(Gemstone One: Garnet)

A range of delicate crystal glass bracelets highlighted with real gemstones.  Ideal birthstone bracelets.


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Product no.: BTQ90130

Turquoise and garnet bracelet made by Lyre Studio - Made in UK turquoise and garnet bracelet


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Product no.: BG90001

A sterling silver rose quartz and garnet bracelet.


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Product no.: BG90196

A blue lace agate heart bracelet mixed with garnet and fastened with a silver heart clasp.  8 1/2 inches long so is suitable for a large wrist.


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Product no.: BTQ90002

Rose quartz, turquoise and garnet bead bracelet - Made by Lyre Studio - Real gemstones


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Product no.: BCN80007

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