Malachite Bracelets

Malachite Bracelets

Malachite Bracelets

  • The beautiful green malachite gemstone with the individual swirling coloured lines make stunning bracelets


  • Green malachite bracelets, unique and classic designs


  • Genuine "Made in England" Jewellery
All jewellery marked as: -    Made in England,   by Lyre Studio Jewellers
has been made in our studio workshop in Kent, England.


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Product no.: BM90001

A malachite bracelet featuring a mixture of malchite beads and freshwater pearl beads and fastened by a silver clasp



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Product no.: BM90028

Lovely dark green malachite bracelet made with 6mm malachite beads and fastened with a silver bolt clasp



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can be shipped within 5 days

This gemstone and silver heishi bead bracelet is stylish and sleek and available in various gemstone colours



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Product no.: BM90003

Sterling Silver Malachite & Gemstone Bracelet


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