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Pearl Jewellery

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Pearl Earrings

Pearl earrings - collection of pearl earrings - classic or designer silver or gold pearl earrings

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Pearl Bracelets

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Pearl pendants - collection of pearl pendants - classic or designer silver or gold pearl pendants

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Pearl Jewellery

For all your essential pearl jewellery needs

This cultured freshwater pearl collection features styles perfect for brides, mother of the bride or groom and bridesmaids.

Brand new exciting range of freshwater pearl jewellery at Lyre Studio Jewellers of Whitstable.  Traditional pearl jewellery and trendy new pearl jewellery designs. 

Every pearl is unique and their beauty is timeless.  There are hundreds of different varieties of pearls in a wide range of prices that it can be confusing to know which pearls to buy.

All modern pearl jewellery that is for sale has been cultured.  Some people think that cultured pearls are different from freshwater pearls and therefore more valuable.  This is wrong, all pearls used in jewellery nowdays are cultured.  So you can have cultured freshwater pearls are cultured seawater pearls.  The true distinction between pearls are the pearls' habitat.  Has the pearls been grown in freshwater or seawater.


Freshwater pearls are found in molluscs in rivers and lakes.

Freshwater pearls tend to more irregular and varied in shape than saltwater pearls, however, due to modern technology, pearl farms are able to produce beautiful shaped and colourful freshwater pearls.

Saltwater pearls are found in oysters and mussels in oceans and seas.  Saltwater pearls can grow bigger than freshwater pearls and take longer to grow and tend to be a higher quality and therefore more expensiver than freshwater pearls.


Most freshwater pearls that are available on the market today come from China, indeed I have read many articles that say that although some companies state that their pearls come from a particular country they infact come from China.


The Japanese were the first to develop a process on a mass scale of producing cultured saltwater pearls.  A three year old saltwater oyster is cut open and up to 20 round mother of pearl beads implanted.  The oyster becomes irritated by the bead and deposits nacre over it, creating a pearl.  It takes three years for just 1mm of nacre to from so the bead need to be fairly large.


Freshwater Pearls

Size - start at about 2.5mm and increase in 0.5mm increments to 9 or 10mm.  The largest freshwater pearls are 10-12mm.  It is rare to find a freshwater pearl larger than 12mm.


Lyre Studio Jewellers of Whitstable are able to offer a wide range of cultured freshwater pearl jewellery, some of our designs are created and made in England.  We also offer a fantastic range of pearl jewellery created and made in China by a top Chinese pearl company.  I have met this company personally and chose all the designs myself.  You will love these designs.


Cultured freshwater pearls

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freshwater pearls necklace

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pearls necklace

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pearls necklaces

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Pearls come in all shapes and sizes.  Freshwater pearl jewellery using sterling silver clasps

Classic single row necklaces, double row necklaces

Rice pearl

button pearl

Biwa pearl

Keishi Pearl

Baroque Pearl