Garnet Earrings

Garnet Earrings

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(Gemstone: Garnet - January Birthstone, Metal: 9ct White Gold)

Metal 9ct Gold

Genuine Faceted Gemstone

Weight 1.4g

Size 8x6 oval




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Product no.: EG90002

Sterling silver faceted garnet earrings

Garnet Jewellery



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Product no.: EG90003

Round flower garnet stud earrings.  These garnet stud earrings feature faceted garnet gemstones.

Garnet Jewellery



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A selection of freshwater pearl earrings featuring different coloured gemstones such as garnet or turquoise.  


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(Gemstone: Garnet)

Pretty flower edge oval gemstone clip on earrings.

  • Available in a variety of different coloured gemstones.

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A collection of garnet earrings.