Jewellery Information

Jewellery Information

Information and advice on jewellery sold at Lyre Studio Jewellers of Whitstable


Gemstone Information

General information about the gemstones we sell at Lyre Studio Jewellers.

Caring for your Opal

Care advice for your opals


Weight of Precious Stones

Understanding the weight of precious stones



What is your birthstone?  Are you confused by birthstones?  Join the club,  there is so much conflicting about birthstones that it can be very confusing.

Metal Information

Information about the metals used in jewellery making


Gemstones & the Bible

Gemstones & the Bible

Caring for your Lyre Studio Jewellery

Important information about caring for your jewellery.

Bracelet Sizes

Making sure you have the right size bracelet.


Chain or Necklace Sizes

Have you selected the right length of chain or necklace?